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Petscho Family

My name is Robert Schofield,

I’ve lived in Nottinghamshire all my life. Since I was a young boy I had found a great fondness of animals of all kinds. My first true love was Dulcie, our family cat. I came home from school one day to find her sitting in the palm of my mums hand, it was love at first sight, and a bond that lasted a happy and healthy 14 years.

I have been employed in the hospitality industry for 14 years, working my way up from washing pots & cleaning toilets to being General Manager of a thriving business. However, my heart is not in serving food and drink, and although I have enjoyed my time in the industry, I’m ready to embark on the rewarding path that is working with mans best friend, be it dog, cat or gold fish.

…and so PetScho is born! Through combining my customer service skills with my own pet caring experiences I have developed a varied service which can be adapted to your pets individual needs. This is my dream work and a as a pet owner myself, I know only the best will do for our loved ones.

My wife, Zoe and I live near the City Hospital with our furry companions who are up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming programmes and have both been neutered.

ALFIE: a five year old black & white GRUMPY cat. He is loving in his own way, and we adore him. Affection is given as demanded, but not a whisker too much as this results in distress for the whole household. His favourite things are food, sleeping, food and being warm. He’s accepted our dog Charlie into his life and is currently in the process of toying with his emotions as much as he does ours.

CHARLIE: not quite two years old, a chocolate Labrador with a heart the size of his appetite. He loves everything and everyone. He enjoys long walks, splashing about in ponds or lakes, running through woods and climbing hills. He typically enjoys every single item of food, and is a sucker for a good old belly rub. He is soft around young children and LOVES other dogs. He stays in touch with his litter brothers & sisters and is at his happiest when we have another pooch staying with us. Charlie suffered a substantial and ongoing injury as a pup which has given me a range of experience and insight into not only dealing with animals with physical impairments, but to also have the patience and love needed to rehabilitate and animal with a traumatic past.

Zoe has an extensive background with animals. Having grown up in the country side with dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and on the run up to Christmas, geese, she started working in her local veterinary surgeon from the age of 14 for seven years until she became a nurse. Outside of her day job (or more appropriately, night job) she helps out with PetScho, finding the company of animals a therapeutic break from the challenges of being a neonatal intensive care nurse.

So that's a little about The Schofields, should you choose any of my trusted services, I look forward to meeting you and your four legged friends.

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