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Dog Walking

Walks are an integral part of a canines life. It gives them the exercise they need to lead healthy lives. 

Below are just a few benefits of walks for your dog.

Healthy Weight

Maintaining your dogs healthy weight is a fine balance between feed and exercise, just like us!

Walking each day will be a big contributor to helping keep your pooch stay in a fit shape.

Different breeds will need different levels of exercise, so make sure to clue yourself up on just how much yours needs in terms of being active.

Staying fit will also reduce certain health risks, giving your companion the chance of a longer and happier life.


dogs walking


Socialising is a big contributor to dogs growing in confidence, fighting separation anxiety and making them less nervous.

Most dogs enjoy interacting with others, making new friends, experiencing new smells and playing, lots. This kind of interaction is not only stimulating for the body but also the mind.

Socialising helps learning and maintaining good behaviours, so long as they are with others that are well behaved!


Walking your dog helps alleviate your own stress. Getting away from it all, taking in the fresh air, exercising your body, and most of all, spending time with your best friend that loves you! All of this helps relieve your own personal stresses and can help maintain your own fitness and mental health.

dog relaxed
dog on a walk

Good doggy

Training your dog can be challenging.  It can try your patience, many times, and sometimes you may feel like you're getting nowhere. Stick with it though and you reap the benefits. Be consistent in your commands and don't loose sight of your goals.

Walking your dog daily will help your training immensely.

4 hour rule

It is recommended to not leave your dog by itself for more than 4 hours.

Dogs may get anxious, nervous or scared in your absence.

They may have to hold their bladder for longer than they should have to, causing them to possibly cause mess in your home or being in discomfort.

If you are going to away for a long period of time, it would be good to consider a sitter that can pop in to give them that company, toilet break or feed that they need. Hiring a dog walker is a good way of exercising your dog and giving it the above care that they may need, maintaining your dogs fitness and mental health, including behaviour.

dog bed
dog on a walk

PetScho Walks

Our walks take place across Nottinghamshire, utilising local parks, woodlands and trails. We want all clients to be able to experience a variety of areas experiencing new smells and surroundings to explore.

Safety is put first and we will always walk your dog on a lead, unless agreed with by you and in a safe area.

Each dog is treated as our own, receiving all the care and attention they deserve.


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